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I help women at midlife make big, scary changes.


You're at a crossroads

& wondering what's next

You're ready for a big change. Maybe you want to quit your crappy job and start a brand new career. Get cracking on writing that book you've always wanted to write. Turn your hobby into a business. Go back to school. Or maybe you have no damn clue what it is you want. But you know that what you're doing now isn't working. Something doesn't feel right. It's time to switch gears and figure out what's next in the second half of your life. But something is holding you back. 

You're not alone.

Many women atop the proverbial hill of life find themselves feeling exactly the way you do now. Instead of just going through the motions and nestling in with your cozy status quo blanket, you want to get up every day and do something that excites you. Your life is fine, but suddenly fine isn't cutting it anymore.

I feel you.

I've been right where you are now. Feeling like I should be happy, but knowing something was missing. I knew there was more I wanted to do and achieve, but I was feeling too old/too comfortable/too secure/too silly/too {insert a million other excuses here} to start something new, to make any big changes. 

After working with a coach myself, I realized it was my own self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back and keeping me stuck. My mindset was fixed and it needed to be unfixed.

Change is damn hard. It takes a lot of work and ongoing maintenance. I'm a realist and my coaching style is pragmatic, direct, no BS, no fluff. I borrow from neuroscience, psychology and behaviour change management techniques to help my clients create self-awareness, explore all the possibilities, and make lasting changes.

I help smart, creative, high-achieving women, just like you, shift their mindsets and move from "I wish I could" to "I did." I can help you take small, manageable steps so you can make those big, scary, changes.

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Sound Familiar?

  • You constantly second-guess yourself and wonder if you can really do this (whatever your "this" is)

  • You get caught up in all-or-nothing thinking believing there's only one right choice - and being really afraid to make the wrong one

  • You worry too much about what other people think (what if I look silly, what if I fail?)

  • You feel guilty if you focus on yourself and do things for you

  • You feel really comfortable and secure right where you are - it's hard to imagine moving out of this zone (but you know you have to)

what clients say

Crystal has an amazing ability to listen without judgment and then gently challenge your way of thinking in a manner that helps you guide yourself towards your own solutions and truth. My sessions with Crystal helped me break down my own self-imposed barriers and take action on a number of pressing issues - leaving me with a feeling of relief and confidence. After each of our sessions, I felt empowered and optimistic. She provided me with a sounding board, reaffirmed the legitimacy of my values, and challenged any negative thoughts and assumptions that surfaced. Her work is truly transformative and I absolutely recommend her."

Joanna, Melbourne

Get out of your comfort zone 

Stop second-guessing yourself

Move forward faster